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March 18

Such fun! Went to class and up in the

tower for an hour cause I couldn't get

anyone to substitute. Then I signed up

for gym, I have to make up last fall's

and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from

1-3 I take archery and 3:45 to 4:45,

I take swimming. Ee gad, no? I

studied Spanish and Philosophy this

afternoon, had dinner and went to work.

I did it all on my own and helped

other people. I did some mathematical

rate work too, and had a lot of fun.

I'm still so thrilled with the whole

job. Punchy got a job as operator

tonight too, which makes it just

about perfect.

Pat Lavery's man Pete wrote me a deep

letter all about Pat. I'm confoosed and

will have to write him a deep letter

back. I get so involved in such

different things.