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March 19

   I had my Spanish midsemester this

morning after being up in the tower

for an hour. It wasn't at all bad,

but there was stuff I didn't know.

Philosophy quiz was as usual (C+ on last

week's). After that, Beth and I fooled

around buying tickets for tonight's

German Club dance and going to pay

the Telephone Company for ΚΔ. (Me

paying the Telephone Company!) At 5:00

there was a Flat Hat business staff


   Tonight was wonderful! What had started

out as a joke when the ΣP's and KΔ's

had a mass conversation over the phone

last night, materialized superly. Bob Howard

and I got along swell – he's neat. We

went to the Greek's with Harvey Johnson & Jeanne

Mencke and had a bottle of sparkling burgundy.

The dance (formal) was fun though hot; and

I had such a perfect evening!