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March 20

   I'm a-weary! Being as how our front

yard has become a dirt path of late –

we decided to make it a grassy lawn.

After lunch we trekked outside with shovels,

hoes, spades and rake and dug up the

lawn, weeded, raked and planted grass

seed. We're dirty from head to toe and

exhausted, but feel it was worthwhile,

and will be proud when our landscape

gardening materializes

    Margy Samuelson arrived tonight and Bill

brought her to the house. She's neat and

I like her good.

     I hit the Jack Pot with mail today from

Mother and Dad, Bill, Bill and Floyd.

Bill Brennan got his orders and will

probably be home when I'm there for

spring vacation. Bliss! Bill Boyd sounds

terribly depressed and I'm worried about

him. He doesn't seem to care much

about anything