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March 23

   Another one of those days – my Economics

exam was real nice but when I swung

over to English Lit. next period it was

another story. Lawsy be!

   This afternoon was athletic as per

scheduled. From 1-3 I had "archery"

but since the snowy ground was not

appropriate we had a stiff gymnastic's

class instead – my muscles! Then

from 3:45 to 4:45 I dashed into my

bathing suit and went swimming. In

spite of Jefferson's pool being a strongly

chlorinated oversized bathtub, it felt

awfully good to be swimming

around again. I would love a

long swim in the great outdoors

somewhere – when it gets warmer!

   Punchy and I worked from 6-10, and

did some "Information," messenger and rate

computation work!

   A card from Bill Brennan: Peggy Freeman

is engaged. This flow of mail is amazin' but nice.