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March 24

Classes were uneventful – at least I didn't

have any exams though, which was a step

in the right direction. This afternoon I

hibernated in the Library to write my term-

paper on the Era of Farm Agencies and Govern-

ment Aid (1941-1942). I got terrifically

involved in it all and am glad that I've


  This afternoon was terrifically impressive –

the first Naval Chaplain's School in the United

States (at W&M) was officially installed,

complete with addresses, formation marches

by the chaplains, Camp Peary band and

Star Spangled Banner. It was muchly

impressive. Old Dominion Hall was christened

the Good Ship Old Dominion. It's amazing!

   I went to a Flat Hat business staff meeting and

then finished my paper.

   I got letters from Joanie, Henri, Mother and

cards from Daddy, Howard Clark & Bill Brennan – he’s

getting orders to report today in Philadelphia –

won’t be home spring vacation. Damn! Sniff!