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March 25

   Such a lovely day! Of course, it was my

athletic afternoon but in between gyms we

went up on Barrett roof for a sunbath, to

break up the typical afternoon routine.

Then tonight I worked and – joie de

vivre! -- I stared at my first pay

check which is simply beautiful. To

make life much more wonderful, the

pay check was for $8.80 instead of

$6.40 as I'd expected. Oh luscious day!

Then too I had 9¢ deducted for Social

Security and I feel as though I may

retire any day! Such capitalistic

emotions. I'm so happy!

   Another card from Bill Brennan, on his

way to Atlantic City. Gosh, I wanted to

see him so badly spring vacation. At least

he hasn't gone to Miami, which is a

slight consolation.

   Mother phoned and we chatted. She said

Bill was real sweet when he spoke to her.