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March 27

   A springy April shower day -- only

it's March, and not April. It was

awfully warm, but awfully wet.

   This afternoon we cleaned up our room

and I wrote some letters for the Flat

Hat. We haven't had a maid in ages,

so we've been doing our own housekeeping

(so far as it goes!) We all went to

the movies and saw "Random Harvest"

with Greer Garson and Ronald Colman.

Gosh, it was wonderful! I had seen it

in Radio City this Christmastime, and

truly enjoyed seeing it the second


   I dashed out of the movies and

up to work. It was loads of fun tonight,

as always. Honestly – it's like taking a

course in Psychology to hear the intimate

tales of various and sundry people.

    Cary's out with Brady again – 1st Anniversary

(week) They're really "dreamy"