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March 28

     Today was religious in nature! Punchy

and I went to Bruton this morning,

and then after dinner, we went up on

Barrett roof but found it a little

chillier than expected, so we went

visiting instead. I had a deep talk

with Danny at the Practice House;

she's sending Fred's pin back to

him. Tonight a gang of us got all

dressed again and went to the

impressive evening candlelight service

 at Bruton.

      Wren called Beth – he’s gotten his

orders for April 12th, and she is

muchly distracted cause (temporarily

at least) that changes all her

spring vacation plans. Damn this

war! Goll-ee, how super it'll all

be when it's over. It's like a grim

movie we're seeing – it's too awful to

be true, and yet it is.