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March 29

     Nothing new! Classes went on the same

as usual and I studied some. I

got such an awfully sweet letter from

"Mom" Brennan, telling me all about

Bill's leaving for Atlantic City. Dave

has gone out to sea and won't be

home again for nine months. As she

said, "Brennan Yeoman Enterprises has

gone to war." Doggone!

     A gang of us went to the movies

and saw "Happy Go Lucky" with

Dick Powell, Mary Martin and Betty

Hutton. It was a riot and real

good. The darling song “Murder he

says” was in it and Betty Hutton

was adorable.

     Punchy and I worked and had

more interestingly amusing anecdotes.

It's such fun.

     We wrote invitations for the

KΔ banquet Friday night.