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March 31

   Not a thing is new! After lunch I

trekked downtown "on financial business'

depositing $700 and buying defense stamps –

for Kappa Delta – not for me! Would

that I had $700 to deposit! The

group picture of KΔ came and it's real

good and something to keep. Natchally,

the picture of me is traditionally crummy;

but I've gotten immune to seeing horrible

pictures of me!

   We all went up on Barrett Roof for

sunbaths and actually it was like

Coney Island. We were stretched out

catycornered and sandwiched in as

closely as possible. The sun was hot

and we got a faint shade darker –

still there's a long way to go before we

get tan.

   Colbie has the measles on top of everything

else. She's just about definitely decided

to leave school in a week or so to marry Art.