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April 1

   One of those days without a spare

moment or three: – classes from

eight to twelve were usual – excitement

coming in the form of a C- in English

Lit. I'm happier about getting C- in that,

than getting B in anything else, cause

with what I studied it was a close call

from a D. This afternoon was my

athletic day and I'm a little

physically weary. Punchy and I

worked (last night this week) and

got our paychecks. To date we've

piled up a nestegg of $17.42. Impressive!

After we worked, at about 10:30 Beth,

Punchy and I started work on

placecards and favors for the

banquet and stayed up till about

2:00 A.M. doing them, with a bit of

philosophy quiz studying thrown in.

We got hysterically tired but had

much fun being creative.