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April 2

   Such a lovely day! On evenings such as

this, I realize how terrifically lucky

and happy I really am. College is so

wonderful – and KΔ life means so much

to me. Gosh, everything is perfect!

   We had a cup service this morning

at 7:00 A.M. to celebrate the installation

of a new chapter at American University.

(Such a long night's sleep as we didn’t

have!) This afternoon, Punchy and I went

to Bruton Parish to arrange flowers,

fix seating arrangements and so on. – it

took us most of the afternoon but

the banquet was worth it. As we sat

around the candlelit horseshoe tables

in formals, we truly realized what KΔ

means to us. Punchy was a super

mistress of ceremonies and all the

speeches were real good – Pat Lavery gave an

impressive spur-of-the moment one and I

beamed with pride. Everyone enjoyed it so

much that it made our work truly worth it.