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April 3

   We slept – a lovely activity – this morning

until time for our ten o'clock classes.

After lunch, we packed tremendous boxes

full of winter coats to send off to

our respective, unsuspecting parents.

Then, from 3-5 we had Psych. Lab

and did a fas-kinatin' experiment of

lie detection through association of

words. Punchy was one of the guinea pigs and

me thinks she was the guilty one.

   I'm still in such a beaming, “appreciative”

mood – life is really so wonderful, inspite

of the times when everything seems all

wrong somehow.

   Libby came up to the banquet last

night (both of her) and just glowed. Gosh,

she looked wonderful.

   Bill Brennan sent me a card. He's

been terrifically busy doing KP, being a

runner and on guard duty. Poor boy! I

also got a real nice letter from Pete. I'm

sure he and Pat are straightened out now.