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April 4

   A restful Sunday! We went to Bruton

and then this afternoon I typed my

economics term paper, did work on the

Treasury and wrote a few letters – also

threw in a little Spanish and English

Lit, and felt as though I'd

accomplished something for a change.

   We had a call meeting for the plans

for KΔ dance April 16th (I won't be

back for it -- it’s awfully short

notice too.) Right afterwards, Floppy

pinned the ribbons on Betty Ann

Fletcher and Mabel Dunn – two new


     Colbie is definitely leaving Thursday

for Arizona and they're throwing a

surprise party in Barrett for her

tomorrow night. Now that the time has

come I can't quite believe it. I hope

they'll be happy – I’m sure of it though.  

     Becky and Midge came back radiant from

the installation of the new KΔ chapter.