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April 5

     My future is all settled (for the

next two and a quarter years anyhoo): I

had an appointment with Dean Landrum,

and we chitchatted about my records –

she seemed to think they were good enough,

and I am now going to major in General

Business officially. I'm so glad it's

definitely settled at last, after all the

subjects I've wavered back and

forth over. I'm contentedly satisfied.

     I worked and was messenger – a tiring job

especially after having trekked down to the

station to be my ticket, check my bags thru

and the like. After work, I went to the

dorm for Ginnie's shower. She seemed

surprised and awfully pleased. It

doesn't seem possible that next week

this time she'll be Mrs. Arthur Ward, Jr.

I spent the night in the dorm with Kay.

     I got a sarcastically sweet letter

from Bill Boyd and one from PFC Floyd.