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April 6

   Nothing to write about tonight!

I did some last minute things and

generally got enthused about going

home tomorrow.   I didn't have any

gym this afternoon, which was a pleasant

change – the weather (cold and windy)

was in our favor. I went over to see

Dossie and Muggie and signed out

in Barrett with Miss Lowe. Cary and

I fooled around downtown some too.

   Punchy and I worked for the last

time in several weeks. We had an

"interesting" Greek who kept calling in

and threatening to kill us if his call

to Detroit, Michigan didn't come through.

Oh fascinating! Never a dull moment!

I love Life too. We snuck along the

shadowy streets expecting to be

attacked at any minute.

     Punchy’s and Carolyn's pictures were in

the Flat Hat, digging in our "Victory Garden"