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April 7

   At 3:20 P.M. began our trek home,

which inspite of unpleasant expectations,

was really gobs of fun. The train

from Billsburg to Richmond was

crowded but we managed to sit on a

suitcase or two, and didn't stand

the whole way. When we hit Richmond

Cary and I, wanting to luxuriously

celebrate the beginnings of vacation,

ate a super deluxe dinner at Chicken-

in-the-Rough. It was wonderful

to pick up the yummy chicken in

our hands and munch. After dinner

we hopped in a taxi out to Shelby's

house. She is a friend of the Hughes

and awfully nice. It was lush,

sipping bourbon and gingerale too.

Then back to Broad. St. Station and

at 11:00 PM we started the actual

trip home. It was jammed with

soldiers and we sat down intermittently.