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April 9

   Mother and I went into New York

City to the Capital and saw "Slightly

Dangerous" with Lana Turner and Robert

Young. It was improbable but sort of

good. The Capital has started having

a stage show again and Charlie Barnet

& Orchestra, Mary Small and Victor Borge

were all in person. After the movies

we "discovered" a new restaurant, The

Skipper's Corner, all decked in

nautical trimming – good food and

real cute.

   Bugsie, Myrtie, and Edith came

up for dinner and it was swell

seeing them again. They're really

neat girls, and I love them

good. After dinner, Aud came

in from a celebration at the office.

Much talk about FDR's decree that

wages and jobs be frozen –

regimented life – necessary for war;

I s'pose.