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April 10

     I slept luxuriously this morning

and began to read "The Prodigal Women" by

Nancy Hale. T'was the first book I've

read in ages, and I like it.

    Mother and I met Daddy at a Horn and

Hardart automat and had fun putting

in nickles and taking out chicken

croquettes and peach pie. I've

always been fascinated by automats.

Daddy went to a specialist to learn

the verdict of whether or not he has

to undergo an operation – the verdict

was noncommittal – depends on

Daddy's nerves and their condition.

     This evening Bugsie, Myrt and

Aud came up to play bridge. We

got rather hysterical over it; and

Mr. Culbertson would have been

disappointed in techniques and the


    Floyd wrote Mother about entering OCS.