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April 11

    Sunday! I lounged around with

breakfast in bed again until time to

go to St. Gabriel's with Audrey. The

"new" minister, Rev. Condit, is a marvelous

speaker and packs the church (St.

Gabe's is a hard church to pack too.)

He really is giving it the needed


    Mother and Dad picked me up in the

Packard (so wonderful to ride in a car!)

and drove me over to the Amber Lantern

in Flushing for dinner. We had a

leisurely dinner and came home. Joanie

popped up and we got caught up on

all the latest dirt. She's an awfully

cute gal. 'Tis a shame her parents

are trying to keep her from growing up.

    We took Daddy to the station and

then stopped by at Hettler's. More gabbing

with plans made for Bugsie coming

down to Williamsburg. Sounds like fun!