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April 12

    Looking back on it, it seems as

though Cary and I spent most of the

day underground. Via subway and

Hudson Tube we went over to Maplewood

to spend the day with Punchy. We

woke her (and Dot Engstrand and

Betty Marie Ellett) and had a lush

"breakfast” at 12:30. It was real

much fun and they're all nice

people. Mrs. Lewis is grand too.

We made dreamy plans for Dal

(Punchy's West Point man) to bring

three friends for a super

quadruple date weekend in New

York; they'll probably never materialize


    Cary came home to spend the

night. Mother, she and I met Daddy

at Rencher's and then had

dinner at the Triangle Restaurant.

We all talked and fooled around.