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April 14

   Mother and I finally managed to

get away from the house on our way to

New York. We stopped at Mr. Blatt's and

I tried on my new black chesterfield.

It's a beauty! I love it good.

   We shopped around in Arnold Constable's

but didn't really buy anything. Excite-

ment came in the form of seeing Mrs.

Roosevelt there, being fitted for new

clothes. Me and the president's wife!

   We met Cary and C.B. and had lunch

at Billy the Oysterman's. Then, on to

see "Something for the Boys" starring

Ethel Merman. It was darling and the

songs by Cole Porter were good. I love

musical comedies. – I guess my soul

wasn't cut out for the deeper things.

     The usual meeting of Dad at Rencher's

with hambergers following!

     A nice long letter from Bill Brennan

and long telephone chats with Pat & Joanie.