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April 16

   Another busy little day, beginning with a

dental appointment at 9:30 A.M. Mums and I

went into New York and shopped divinely. I

bought six lush dresses for spring and summer

and a hat, and am in love with all of them: –

a black and yellow two piece print, a grey and rose

silk print, a bittersweet shirtwaist; a white shantung

with colored-embroidered pockets; a luggage wash dress

and a brown two piece sport suit. They're all

darling. After contentedly shopping, we had a yummy

lunch at Rogers Corner, eating in time to music by the

Corn Cobblers, and then we met Cary in front of

Madison Square Garden to see the Greatest Show

on Earth – Barnum & Bailey and the Ringling Brothers

Circus. We had a riot of a time and felt like 8-year

olds as we devoured pink fluff, hot dogs, and

peanuts and stared fascinatedly at the trapeze

artists, lions, elephants, horses, clowns and the like.

   Mum and I met Dad for a delish dinner at the

Hotel St. George in Brooklyn, and chatted awhile

there. Nana was here when we got home.