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April 17

   I went down to the dentist's at 9 o'clock

and then to Jamaica for some shopping of

last minute things. Back home I wrote

a letter to Bill Boyd and then Mother

and I went into New York to meet Dad

at the specialist again, after exchanging

nickels for beef pie in the automat

on 86th St. This afternoon I had much

fun sorting out letters received from

both Bills and Floyd. It was very

interesting to note the differences in

letters written then and now. Over a

long range, I really appreciate them –

as though I hadn't all along.

   After supper I spent the evening on the

phone and writing a longie of a letter to

Bill Brennan. I really have missed

the Bills this vacation, but have had

fun inspite of it.

     At 11:00 P.M. Bill Brennan phoned me from

Atlantic City. I was so pleased – it was

super hearing his voice again.