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April 18

     Happy Palm Sunday! Such a nice day too

even though 'twas my last day at home.

This morning I found a yellow linen

suit and a yellow sweater and love

both dearly. I got dressed in my Easter

outfit (black and yellow print dress –

black Chesterfield and big black hat)

and then Mother and I went to church

at St. Gabe's.

     Mother, Daddy, Lizzie and I went into

New York and picked up Cary and C.B

for dinner at Guffantis. It was

a wonderful Italian dinner complete

with Chianti wine, but I'm so stuffed

I can scarcely breathe.

     This afternoon was a typical Hirsch

Sunday affair with confusion galore. Aud

came down and Bugsie came when I was out.

     I feel wistfully sad! 193-12 Foothill Ave.

has been bought so we're moving by June 8th.

My last night here – such nice memories too.