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April 19

    The long trip back to Williamsburg: Mother,

Dad and Lizzie took me to the station

and then Cary and I began our journey,

riding Pullman – afterwards we found

that the train was practically empty,

and we wouldn't have needed the

reservations. We played around with

Punchy and Dot Engstrand some, had dinner

in the diner, played bridge and so

on – including spilling a box of

cookies all over the hat of the man in

the next seat. He was only slightly


    The train got in on time and then

we got back to the house – so good

to see everyone again. Mrs. Shack has

left though for an operation and we're

all sad. – we’ll manage by ourselves

for awhile till we get a new one (housemother).

     An Easter card and letter from Bill

Boyd & one from Florence Morrow!