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April 20

    I'll be a Home Ec major yet! Beth,

Cary and I – now that we have no

housemother – are going to take

care of all the marketing complete

with ration books and housekeeping

funds. It's fascinating, but rather

confusing at this point. Praise the

Lord that we still have Flora and

Lizzie (cook and maid). We're getting

to be so experienced though.

    Such a dreary ole day of going to

classes again and realizing the work

I have to make up. Everything seemed

to go wrong with all of them and

archery was unattractive too.

     Cary, Beth, Punchy and I saw

"Cabin in the Sky" with Rochester,

Ethel Waters, Lena Horne and an’ all

colored cast. The music was good –

the picture was "unusual" – sexy too!

     Didn't work tonight – studied & had

fun instead.