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April 21

     Classes, marketing, studying and

work with a lot of fun thrown in. We're

so terrifically enthused about our

marketing – tis fascinating to buy

stuff for 18 people and fight over

ration coupons—so many bargains we've

been getting though (considering the

rise in prices and other troubles)

This morning we actually found some

sausages going pointless because of

the surplus at the A & P.

     We got our paychecks at work and

I feel truly wealthy again. It seemed

odd to be saying "Long Distance" again

after these weeks.

     On top of everything else, the water

has been shut off, which makes living

difficult – no washing, no johns or

anything. Just one big old happy feeling!

The family of KΔ house. It's such fun to

have something new happening all the time.