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April 22

    Lord, I'm tired! This was Thursday and

I dislike Thursdays with a purple passion:

classes from 8-12 with one hour out

for marketing, which was unimpressive,

as we dashed all over town trying to

buy white potatoes (among other thing’s) and

were finally convinced that you can't

get them anywheres. Such food problems!

    It was too cold for archery so we went for

a brisk hike through the woods; I did

some philosophy; and then we went swimming.

    At work, I made a notebook for Miss Johnson

and went crazy, punching holes and making

indices. She gave me two fifteen minute

reliefs though, which was lovely of her.

    On top of everything else, this morning from

1-3 our john overflowed and Dean Lambert, the

night watchman and plumber tried to fix it.

Such excitement! What else can happen!

    I had an awfully cute letter from Bill

Brennan – he’s so swell!