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April 23

   Absolutely nothing new happened today –

just one of those days of marketing,

classes and work, with no eventful

excitement connected with any of it.

Being Good Friday, this afternoon

after philosophy quiz (I got B on

last week's), Punchy, Danny and I

tried to track down a Service to attend.

First we went to Bruton for we'd heard

there was a meditation from 2-3, but not

a soul was there so we walked back

to the Methodist church and were

relieved to find a service going on.

We walked in, sat down and bowed our

heads in prayer just as the benediction

was being said. – and that was the

last service in town. Oh well, we

tried to get a little religion anyway.

    I had a card from Colbie – very

happily married for a week having

honeymooned in Grand Canyon. Art leaves

for the army May 1st!