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April 24

    We could have slept till ten this

morning (our one morning) but good

little housekeepers that we are we had

to get up early to market and avoid the

Saturday morning rush. I can't get

over it – we had so much money left over

and seem to have managed wonderfully –

especially considering we're so inexperienced.

    This afternoon Beth and I went downtown

and bought us some Mais Oui perfume

to put us in the Easter mood (no

flowers for us – no nothin'. Sniff!) But

then it really was Easter for I had lush

boxes from home with dresses, black

pocketbook, spoons from Lizzie, fruit

knives and forks, Bambi stuffed animal,

cuddly little duck and jelly beans and

other Easter candy. I'm so very spoiled,

but really awfully happy!

    I had Easter cards from Lizzie & Dad

and a letter from Bugsie.

     Work was uneventful but busy