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April 25

Happy Easter! Twas a lovely day but I

did miss being home and also (together with

Cary, Beth and Punchy) sniffed over getting

no flowers or other remembrances (from

"admirers.") Cary, Punchy and I got up

for the 6:23 Sunrise Service in the

Sunken Garden – it was beautiful. After

awhile the others awakened; we had breakfast,

complete with colored Easter eggs and then

dressed and went to church. – then on to

the Lodge for champagne cocktails and a

lush dinner. Very sumptuous! Late this

afternoon we completely relaxed. We fixed

supper for ourselves and then went to

the graduation service of the chaplains

which was so stirring that we sniffed

a little sniff. They leave tomorrow

for undisclosed ports and a new

batch will arrive them. The ceremony

really was wonderful.

    I phoned Mother and Daddy.