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April 26

    Still more things keep happening! Floppy,

Ann and I had conferences with Miss

Roberts and Mr. Nunn about arrangements

in case we have to eat in the cafeteria

for the rest of the year. They claims that

the marketing, etc. is too much work

for us – we pray we get a housemother.

Gollee! Studied and played this afternoon –

song practice and sorority meeting tonight.

Beth's tooth broke and she's leaving

for home tomorrow. It hurts terrifically –

poor kid – we shall miss her deeply.

     Letters from Bill Boyd (perk: he isn't

going to date anyone but me and will

go places stag. Life is getting complicated

and rather involved!), Pat Brennan,

and Jimmy Mooney (a riot – such a

sense of humor!). Anyhoo, the male

mail situation was lovely. We received

packages from Mother & Dad too.

     Life is so busy and confused, but fun.