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April 27

    Beth left on the ten o'clock train and

Punchy and I are all alone in our little

pink and blue room. We have such

wonderful times in it!

     Janie and I went marketing and

actually were able to buy nine pounds

of white potatoes – things we hadn't

even seen in ages. We had an Economics

quiz and then this afternoon was my

athletic day, only we didn't have

swimming since the water in the

pool had not been fixed.

    Punchy, Mimi Jardine and I went

to a Backdrop Club meeting at which

Jeanne Mencke announced that there

will be no Varsity Show this year due

to about ten reasons all caused by the

war. Tis a deep shame for Varsity Shows

are always such fun, but it can't be helped.

    We all tried to study for our Psych.

exam but were stopped by a blackout.