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April 28

    Whee! I'm tired from doing nothing

much at all. Things are just piling

up and I'm getting more weary all

the time. Today I marketed, went

to classes (including my Psych exam

which was very different from what

we'd expected) wrote letters and

did my philosophy. Punchy and I

went downtown and did some shopping –

actually we were each able to buy a card

of bobby pins (a treasure). We moseyed

around in the record shop and finally

bought two oldies: Artie Show's "Temptation"

and "Star Dust," and Tommy Dorsey's

"Yes Indeed" and "Will you Still Be

Mine." They're both lush!

    At work, Punchy and I had a long

talk with Chuck Gondak. We're going to

have our pictures "took" for the Flat Hat

and for East Coast newspapers since it's

unusual for coeds to be doin' what we're

doin'. Excitin!