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April 29

    Our new housemother came (Mrs. Dalthud)

and she seems real nice (the quiet sweet

type). By 10:30 tomorrow she'll make

up her mind whether or not she'll help

us with the marketing and therefore

whether or not we'll be able to go on

eating in the house for the rest of the

year. Gosh I hope so!

     Cary and I outdid ourselves with

our marketing to impress her. We had

chuck roast, fresh peas, cole slaw, rice

and fresh strawberries with cream. Mush-

rooms were another extravagance.

    We didn't have Economics class, and

instead went to Marshall Wythe Seminar

at which Dr. Taylor spoke on War

Manpower Commission. It was interesting!

    The rest of everything was uneventful.

Tonight was paycheck night – cheery

thought! I realized suddenly Monday is

Bill Brennan's birthday – what to get him?