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April 30

    Such a beautiful, but such a busy

day: – Classes; marketing; airplane spotting

(in the Library tower now as we climb

a steep ladder above the little law

students – immodest!); studying for

and taking my philosophy quiz (B on

last week’s); walking to the Wigwam and

downtown with Punchy, Cary, and Mary

[Holn?]; badminton intramurals which

Punchy and I played with the Pi Phis

and lost; deep talks with Mrs. D –

convincing her she’ll be able to manage

the housekeeping with our assistance (I’ll

still do the financial end); and work.

I washed my hair and am now really

ready for bed.

    Beth came back tonight and we’re so

glad. Tis so nice for us all to be

reunited again.

    Exam schedules came out – mine isn’t so

good but one exam schedule is as bad as

another, I guess!