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May 1

    Happy May Day! It was Saturday and

so we didn’t do much. Cary, Beth, Mrs.

Dalthud and I went marketing and made

out pretty well. Cary and I made the

first major mistake of our careers as

housekeepers. We bought birdseye fish

for dinner (no points) and naturally

thought we should keep it frozen in the

ice box. By the time Lizzie and Flora

arrived there were just so many chunks

of ice lieing there. We all howled

hysterically over it and had a vegetable

plate dinner (I hope the fish will

thaw by Monday!)

   This afternoon Cary and I went down town

and to the Wigwam. I wrote some letters,

changed the bedding on my bed and

generally wasted time – worked


    I received a card from Bill Brennan –

his 29 day training is almost up.