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May 3

  Things may seem “awfully dismal” at times but

I’m really so very lucky and the bright spots

of life are so nice. Tonight – brazen hussy

that I am! – while down at work I

placed a call through to Bill Brennan again.

It wouldn't come, but the little operator kept

trying (pull!) and finally just after I got

back to the house the phone rang and a voice

said “Boy! This is wonderful!” Ya-huh,

‘twas Willy and gosh it was super talking to him.

It wasn't at all like a typical long distance

conversation – we just said dumb old things

and deep things and you’d have thought we were

both in Hollis rather than in Billsburg and

Atlantic City respectively. So nice! Oh I forgot

to mention that I got a perky letter from him

too. I’m beaming obnoxiously. I wish……..

    My life has a mysterious element too. This

evening while I was out two darling marines came

to see me, one of who “was a very good friend of a

girl from home.” Vague, but I hope they come back!