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May 4

   I’ve still glowed all day from last night’s

phone call, and even now nice things keep

happening. At lunchtime the package man came

bearing a gift for me: a lush “bon bon” spoon

with an awfully sweet note from “Mom”

Brennan – I was so tickled with it,

and love her good.

    We rushed today informally – Betty Marie

Ellett for lunch and two other girls for

dinner with the usual accompanying

intra-sorority feeling. Initiation for Jinx

Richardson, Ann Wilson and Eleanor Ramsdell

was last night and so we had a cup

service at seven o’clock this morning –

then classes, marketing, fun and work.

    I received real nice letters from

Mother and Daddy and a faintly perky

one from Bill Boyd. He is trying to

stall off his furlough until June

when I’ll be home. Gosh, I hope

it’ll work. I’m so lucky!

    Flat Hat mentioned Punchy’s & my badminton defeat.