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May 5

   This morning was the annual convocation

for the tapping of the members of the

Junior class chosen to be Mortarboard

and ODK. It was very impressive and

full of suspense, since supposedly noone

knew who was to be selected. Fran

Pendleton was one of the five girls to get

Mortarboard and we’re all very thrilled

about the whole thing. The other girls were

Margie Lentz, Katie Rutherford, Marion Ross,

and [Lebe?] Seay. Mary Wilson Carver is the

new president.

   Punchy, Carolyn Harley and I went up on

Barrett roof sunbathing and got faintly tanned.

Then we went shopping for Mother’s Day

gifts and had our pictures taken at the

telephone office. Per usual when having our

pictures taken, Punchy sneered and I had

“my fixed look” sat on the camera, but we’re

celebrities anyway.

    Beth & Marty won badminton matches over

Gamma Phi.