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May 6

  “Rabbit – rabbit” really worked this month

cause things keep getting better ‘n’ better.

Today was a usual Thursday: marketing,

classes (Econ, outside in the Sunken Gardens),

archery (I’m off the 30 yd line at last)

and swimming. After that we went downtown

to the official dedication of the U.S.O.,

with music and speeches, including one

by John D. Rockefeller, ‘Jr. ‘Twas sort

of impressive.

   Yearbooks came out today and it’s the

best Colonial Echo in years. We spent

considerable time in poring over it,

laughing and “ohing” and “ahing.”

   Remember the marines I wrote about

Monday night? Well, Warren Ripley came

back this evening and is awfully nice.

He knows Mary Claire Willard from St.

Mary’s and she gave him my name. –

small world. He, a goon, Mavis Bunch and I

went to the movies (“Truck Busters” was horrible)

and then to the Lodge coffee shoppe