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May 7

   I’m awfully tired, and in a bad mood

though still awfully happy about

everything. Such a nice life? Nothing

exciting happened today. I didn't go

marketing, but instead went up in the

Library tower for two hours – once with

Cary and once with Midge – spotting airplanes.

I managed to get a bit of studying done

for my philosophy quiz which I

sleepily took. (B- on last week’s) I

went over to the office to get a social card

for Warren and ended up talking in

Louise’s room; then I wrote letters to both

Bills and fooled around. Holly Rickis has

come back for the weekend – it’s natural to

have her here. Work was bitter – everything

went wrong and the time dragged. A

“nice voice” called me up and chatted and

a sailor walked us home. Such a masculine

life as I’ve been having glimpses into. I

can’t get over it!

   Floyd wrote me from Hunter Field, Georgia