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May 8

   The weekend has come and I’ve resolved

to purely have fun – and how it has

started! This afternoon Beth and I went

downtown to do our weekly shopping for

odds and ends and then she, Punchy

and I went sunbathing by the practice

house with Danny and Eleanor Ramsdell,

It’s really hot too!

   Warren came by with two other marines

to tell me that they were going to Richmond and

he mightn’t be back right on time for our

date tomorrow night. Seeing the other two

marines I promised Beth & Punchy dates

tomorrow night – and I dood it. Every few

minutes, after we were all together I would

say “Do you really want to do to Richmond?” and

finally we talked them into staying for a

howl of an evening. We saw “Air Force” one of

the best pictures I’ve ever seen, and went to the Lodge.

Ray and Dick kept wanting to be in Richmond, and

made all sorts of classic remarks! Such fun!