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May 9

   Happy Mother’s Day – and what a day!

Being hot, we lazily relaxed around

the house and didn't quite get to

church. I wrote home and Bugsie,

changed the bedding on my bed and

dressed for dinner. In the middle of it

Warren (who wasn't supposed to arrive

until late this afternoon) came with Ray,

and thus began the second day of my

truly unusual experience. Since there

isn’t much to do with a date here on

Sunday afternoons we went for a walk

through the woods and then sat and

watched people playing tennis, after

which we went to the movies and saw

“Air Force” again. Then we went up to

the Lodge for champagne cocktails and

a howl of a dinner – amusing (!) episode

about the time and the tip. What a boy!

   Mother phoned tonight – and then Harold

from Camp Peary phoned me. He sounds nice

but you can’t tell. He phoned the telephone co.