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May 12

    Another awfully nice day! After classes

and marketing I did my philosophy and

then Beth and I rolled bandages for

the Red Cross with Mrs. Pomfret. Beth

and Punchy played badminton intramurals

with Theta and won – I silently stood

by and cheered.

    Warren was here when we got back &

stayed till I had to go to work. He

wanted a date tonight and Friday

night too but I work both nights and

so I got out of it very easily. He’s a

nice fellow but a little too eccentric

to be very enjoyable.

    In the mail I got a “big” picture

of Bill Brennan in uniform. He

looks good and it’s interesting to compare

it to the other big picture I have

of him. He’s so neat and how I’d

like to see him! He enclosed a note

as did his mom.