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May 13

   Gad! I’m weary! Today was another one

of those days where nothing noteworthy happened

but little thing after little thing kept piling

up till I haven’t got much energy left.

Why do I bother to mention classes,

marketing and my athletic afternoon?

I’m stuck on the 50 yd line in Archery

and in swimming after I emerged from

the pool, I slipped, leaped into the air

and fell completely flat on my back –

I’m sore and my posterior hurts!

At work everyone seemed irritable

(probably just because I was) and

things didn’t seem to get done right.

It’s being paycheck night was the one

bright spot – by the way, with my remaining

checks I’ve decided to pay for my $25

room reservation fee besides my

ticket home. Then I’ll feel I’m doing

something worth while and useful with

my earnings.