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May 14

Life keeps getting better ‘n’ better, excepting

for some things of course, the chiefest among

which being a big meeting of two representatives

from each sorority to which I went with Dr.

Pomfret, Miss Wynne-Roberts, Charlie Duke and

Vernon Nunn all about eating in the dining hall

next year and reductions (?) in rent, involving

all sorts of amazing involvements. The fur

was flying as we got in truly deep discussions.

There’ll be another even hotter meeting next

Monday evening. All the things that keep happening!

    Such a nice thing happened at work tonight!

A Mr. Curyea, who has been calling New York

to his wife quite frequently from Camp Peary

asked me my number and when I came back

from my relief a lush box of candy was

waiting for me with a card which said “In

appreciation of the service that I have received

in my calls to New York City.” It was one of the

sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me.

    Bugsie comes tomorrow! Life can’t get much nicer!