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May 15

   Such a beautiful life. Bugsie was supposed

to come this morning but got lost through

connections and finally arrived at 3:00 P.M.

on the bus; Gosh! It was super seeing

her again! We came back to the house

and then walked around campus –

had a screwy time at dinner and

afterwards getting dressed for a mass

blind date – eight couples. It was

super with us walking to the Lodge,

Chowning’s, Rexalls #2 and going to the

dance in Blow Gym with eight army

lieutenants. It was a crazy evening

but loads of fun, and I hope Bugsie had

a kick out of it

    Other lovely events: a cute letter from

Jimmy Mooney and a perky one from

Bill Boyd signed “All my love.” (slurpy,

huh – I’m so glad!) News that Bill

Brennan is stationed at Hamilton College, N.Y.

Oh things can’t get better