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May 16

    My poor feet! We crowded so much into

this little day! First we went to Bruton

for a service made completely memorable

by the presence of British Admiral Pound,

General Wavell & others. It seems that

General Marshall and the other important

allied military leaders have conferred in

Williamsburg about future campaign tactics.

As we prayed in church (all of us) it made

me realize how insignificant I am in

the powerful drama being enacted now.

After church Bugsie and I went to the

Lodge for dinner and then went

sightseeing at the Capitol and Governor’s

Palace, stopping at Laverys on the way.

We went over to see Dossie and had

supper with her in the dining hall.

We had a typically crazy evening

together in the house – Kay came over

and we walked her home. Whee – so much

done this weekend.